Acme Tape Deck Repair LLC

Teac A3300S-2T

Among our popular services:

  • Internal & External Cleaning
  • Removal of Old Grease
  • Complete & Proper Lubrication
  • Belt Replacement
  • Pinch Roller Replacement
  • Replace Other Parts as Needed
  • Head Alignment
  • Setup for your Tape Brand
  • Mechanical Adjustments
  • Electrical Adjustments
  • Set to Factory Specs or better

Warranty:  90 Days on Parts & Labor

How To Reach Us…

Acme Tape Deck Repair LLC
Alex Johnston
146 Warren Avenue
East Tawas, Michigan 48730-9755
EMAIL (Preferred — We check it all day & night)
TEXT or VOICE:  989-906-0987

About Us…


Hello! Located in Northeast Michigan, we are a new service company dedicated to specific types of analog stereo equipment: Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorders (also known as Open Reel Tape Decks). Our goal is to make the repair & reconditioning of tape decks more accessible. An ever-increasing number of people have strongly embraced analog audio reproduction by way of magnetic tape — THE original source of nearly all recorded music for generations.

29 thoughts on “Acme Tape Deck Repair LLC

  1. can l get some info on my cassette model 3554 mcs series JCP.the heads are locked in the up position cant put a tape in.


    1. Lenny — Yes i do sell the R2R machines as well as repair them. I have about 100 units and gradually work on them and then sell them. What are you looking for… something to play your old tapes, maybe?


  2. My name is Bud. Ihave a 1969 Akai 1800SD that needs going over, refurbishing. What do you think? Ph. 540.576.1073


    1. Hi Bud — Thanks for the note. Depending on a number of factors (like head wear, parts availability etc) IMHO it probably would not be cost-effective to refurbish an 1800SD. A machine of that era would need new rubber (belts, pinch roller) and a complete tear-down, cleaning out of old grease, re-lubrication, as well as all the settings to be tweaked. Easily can run into hours of work, I’m sorry to say. Sometimes (if you cannot do it yourself) it’s best just to upgrade to a newer machine that has already been refurbed. But if you want to go ahead with the work, it is up to you of course.


  3. I have a Pioneer CT 1000 I would like it refurbished with new pinch rollers and belt. I think it also needs a micro switch for the play mode. I wonder if you can repair this unit. I would be glad to ship knowing you can repair unit. The unit is very clean and is part of a rack sytem and stored in a climate controlled area.


    1. Hello Mike — Yes, would be glad to take on your CT 1000 deck. Please let me know of any questions prior to shipping. There is a time lag these days with parts shipments running very slow. Thanks for the note….. Alex


  4. would you have a working 2track reel to reel taperecorder for sale so i can listen to my overseas recorded tapes ?


      1. Where can I get tape reel holders foe my upright akai 4 track recorder/ player?
        I am using 7 inch reels & on rewind or fast forward the reels work


  5. Hi Alex,
    Saw your ad on Audiogon; a quick question:
    Do you work on cassette decks? I have a JVC DD5, bought new and used for many hours (1000? 2000? don’t really know: recorded hundreds of vinyl albums on it). The right channel seems out. Is this worth fixing?
    Thanks for your input,


  6. Hi, after reading yoyr answer above to David Wilson can you please send me a catalog to my Email address of the R2R up to 10.5 inch you have for sale and their prices of course. Thanks.


    1. I do not have a catalog right now as the machines are in a queue to be refurbished, but it will be some time before knowing which are suitable for resale. Thanks for the inquiry.


  7. Dug my old Tascam 464 4 trk cassette out, and its acting like the belt has broken or come off. Hit play, rec, ff, or rev and the lights on the transport come on briefly, the capstans don’t turn, and it shuts off. Is it worth me sending it to you? I hate to throw it away, and if I tear into it I’m sure to mess it up completely.


  8. Would you please send me what the postage is from El Paso, TX to East Tawas, Michigan? I have 4 R2R’S that need some work done on them. I have a Teac X10R, Teac X1000, GX-747DBX and an Otari MX5050BII 2.. Witch is the only one that is working. You can’t beat a professional studio recorder. It was made in 1984 and still going strong.
    Sorry about being so long winded, but I would like to get the others fixed, but if the shipping is to much I won’t be able to do that. You would think a city the size of El Paso would have a shop to fix the machines.
    Thanks for listening


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