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Teac A3300S-2T

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Welcome to our “information exchange” center on the web! Here we offer tips, support, ideas, how-to guides, photos, news, random bits — anything having to do with Reel-to-Reel and Cassette tape recorders and players. While we “lean” towards reel machines, we also include cassettes, as both types are experiencing an exciting renewed interest in the world of analog audio.

To get things started — Please ask questions, and/or suggest a topic! We are brand new at this, but hope to engage with something other than technical jargon and bits that you might find just about anywhere. A fresh look, if you will. Ideas for topics:

Favorites, Raves, Complaints, Solutions, Formats, Photos about….

  • Reel tape decks / recorders / players
  • Cassette tape decks / recorders / players
  • Audio tape — Blank media, Pre-Recorded tape
  • Tools of the trade… accessories… any gear besides the decks themselves

So, this little bit of web space is intended to be an interactive forum for us to air our thoughts and for YOU to candidly express yours as well. But first (and last), our contact information…

Acme can be found on the web at (a work in progress, our apologies) and can be reached as follows:

Acme Tape Deck Repair LLC
Alex Johnston
146 Warren Avenue
East Tawas, Michigan 48730
Email: — Best way, as we check email all day & night.
Phone: (989) 906-0987 (While we can’t always answer, please leave a message with your email address if possible).

Published by reelshiny

Owner & Lead Technician Acme Tape Deck Repair, East Tawas, Michigan Associate of: Skywave Tape Deck Repair, Bensenville, Illinois

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